Membership Registration Procedure

Step One: Read the Terms & Conditions located within the Membership drop down menu of the GICS website. Proceeding to register is an attestation that you agree to the Terms & Conditions. PLEASE DO NOT REGISTER IF YOU DO NOT AGREE! Click here to read.

Step Two: If you agree to the Terms and Conditions in Step One above, Click Here to proceed to our online registration portal or click on the Sign Up button on the home page of the GICS website. You will be taken to the account registration page where you will be required to supply the following details: Sponsor ID, Surname, Other Names, Gender, Address, Phone Number, Location, Date of Birth, Bank Name, Account Number, Email Address, Password. Click on “Register” to complete your registration.

  • Sponsor ID – This is the membership number of the person that invited you to join GICS.
  • Surname – This is your family name
  • Other Names – This includes your first name (also known as common name) and middle name
  • Gender – Your sex (male or female)
  • Address – This can be your residential address or office address (Please note that it is your responsibility to update this address in case of change. This can be done on your profile within your personal account page on GICS portal).
  • Phone Number – This must be your personal phone number as important notifications will be sent to the number you supply.
  • Location – This is the name of town/city you are registering from.
  • Date of Birth – This include the date, month, and Year you were born.
  • Bank Name – This should be the name of the bank you have account with and want to use for all financial transactions with GICS (You can open a new bank account if you don’t have one).
  • Account Number: This is your account number with the Bank Name you supplied above (the Ten (10) digit NUBAN is preferred).
  • Email Address – This must be your personal email address. It is advisable you use a valid email address as important information will be sent to the email address you supplied from time to time. (Please note that this email address will also be used as your login username for your membership account with GICS). You can open a new email address for free if you don’t have one.
  • Password – This is a secret code you want to use to secure your membership page on the GICS portal. (It may be a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters). Please use a code that you can easily remember, but difficult for people to guess. You will be required to confirm the password in the registration process. Click here to begin.

Step Three: After successfully registering, login to your personal membership page with the Username and Password you created during your registration process. Familiarize yourself with your membership page and update your profile. You can Click here to login if you have completed Step Two successfully. You can also access the login page of the GICS portal by clicking on the "Login" button on the Home page of the GICS website. (Please note that your membership is not active until you pay the required membership fee based on your desired membership category to the GICS bank account). Please see the table below for more information:

Step Four: Pay your membership Fee – Login to your membership page, click on the “Payment” button, a window will display the Payment History. Click on "New Payment," the New Payment window will open. Select the membership category you want to make payment for (Amethyst, Jacinth, Topaz, Beryl, or Emerald Category). Select the membership slots you desire to pay for. Select payment option and Click to proceed. The GICS Online Payment System will take you to the payment processing page where you enter your card (MasterCard, Visa, or Verve) details to make the payment from the comfort of your location.

Step Five: To complete your membership fee payment, please follow the instructions below:

  • Login to your membership page and click on “Payments” button. The Payment list displays all records of payments previously made. For new accounts, the list will be empty.
  • Click on “New Payment.” The “New Payment” page displays.
  • Select the membership category you wish to belong.
  • Select the corresponding number of “Membership Slots” you are paying for (based on your desired membership category). Please see the table in Step Three for guidance.
  • Select payment option and Click to proceed.
  • Complete the Online Payment form with your debit card details (MasterCard, Visa, and Verve cards are accepted).
  • You will see a confirmation message “Payment Made Successfully, if your payment is successful.”
  • Your membership status changes from "Pending" to "Active" and your personal GICS Membership Code is sent to your phone (NOTE: This code is also your Sponsor ID for recruiting new members for GICS in the MLR Programme).

Step Six: If your account status did not change immediately after successful completion of payment, kindly click on the “Support” button on your membership page to submit a ticket (request/enquiry) to the GICS sales team.

Step Seven: Congratulations! You just became a member of the Global Investment Cooperative Society (GICS). Start reaping part of the many benefits of Membership by taking part in the "MLR Reward Program." Let us work together to make our dream come true.


NOTE: Provision of false information or fake payment tellers/receipts can lead to criminal prosecution!