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Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: How do I become a member of GICS?

You can become a member of the GICS by registering online on the GICS Membership Portal, and paying the N5,000 membership fee as described in the Membership Registration Procedure on the Membership page of the GICS website. Please ensure that you read the Terms and Conditions before you start your registration. Registering means you have read the Terms & Conditions of Membership and you agreed to them. Click here to start your registration.

Question 2: Is there an age limit to becoming a member of GICS?

No. There is no age limit. However, anyone below 18years is required to have secured parental guidance to become an active member of GICS and/or have his/her account in custody of parent/guardian till the age of 18.

Question 3: What are the registration requirements?

  • Read, Understand and Accept the “Terms and Conditions of Membership.”
  • A Sponsor’s ID (ask the person that introduced the GICS to you). If you don’t have a sponsor indicate during your registration.
  • Your Name, Address, Location, and Birthday
  • An active Email Address (you can open a new one if you don’t have one already).
  • An Active Phone Number
  • An Active Bank Account.
  • Your Passport/Photo (to complete your profile in your membership page of the GICS Portal)
  • Five Thousand Naira (N5,000) registration fee.

Question 4: Do I have to be attending a monthly meeting as a member of GICS?

No. The GICS being an online Cooperative Society does not require you to attend a monthly meeting like the traditional Cooperative Societies. However, it is important to visit the GICS’s Website from time to time (at least once a week) to check for any update or information that will be useful to you. The blog page will be used to post information, events, news and videos. Visiting your membership page will also enable you to know how your downline members are performing in the Membership MLR Reward Program.

Question 5: Can I transfer my membership to my friend, associate, or relation?

No. In the case of death however, the present worth of the deceased member is calculated and paid out to the declared next of kin. If no next of kin is declared, the account is absorbed by the GICS.

Question 6: What are the benefits of becoming a member of GICS?

  • Participation in the MLR Reward Program; producing active account cash-flow to the tune of over One Million Naira N1,000,000 – based on your recruitment drive.
  • Share in GICS profits from its chains of investments.
  • Discount for member’s patronage of GICS’ products and services.
  • Business appraisals for members.
  • Seminars on entrepreneurship, start-ups, and developments.
  • Access to city-wide shopping malls for consumer goods.
  • Agricultural empowerment.
  • Fast & Easy Access to Loan from GICS MicroFinance Bank

Question 7: Who is a GICS Sponsor?

A GICS Sponsor is an Active member of the GICS who is participating in the MLR Reward program by recruiting new members into the GICS. An active member of the GICS is a duly registered member who has paid his/her membership fee.

Question 8: Can I become a member of the GICS without having a Sponsor?

Yes you can become a member of the GICS without having a GICS Sponsor. When you are registering for membership, leave the Sponsor ID field blank; the system will automatically assign an existing sponsor to you.

Question 9: What is the Membership MLR Reward Program?

The MLR (Multi-Level Recruitment) Reward Program is the GICS’s dynamic drive for growing its membership. By participating in the Membership MLR Reward Program, you get rewarded for playing your role in helping the GICS grow a vibrant community. As long as you use your communication skills to bring in new members, you get rewards based on your enrolment drive, stamina, dedication, and your willingness to help others find solution to their financial challenges – introducing the GICS to them. Click here to learn more.

Question 10: Can I be a member without taking part in the Membership MLR Reward Program?

Yes you can be a member without taking part in the Membership MLR Reward Program. However, we encourage everyone to help drive achievement of reaching One Million Members before end of 2015; through the MLR Reward Program.

Question 11: Is there a limit to the number of times I can take part in the Membership MLR Reward Program?

No. The Membership MLR Reward Program is a very robust program designed to accomodate your ability to recruit members for the GICS. The more effort you put into the program, the more referral commission you get.

Question 12: How can I recover my forgotten password to my membership account?

You can recover your forgotten password to your membership account by clicking on the “Click here to reset password” link on the membership login page of the GICS Portal. You will need to supply your username (this is the email address you used when creating your account), then click on “Get Reset Token.” A reset token will be sent to your Email address. Follow the instruction in the mail.

Question 13: How can I be more involved with the activities of the GICS?

Part of the GICS’s activities involves seminar, training, business appraisal, etc. to members and members’ community. You can liaise with your GICS State Representative to bring GICS event(s) to your community. If your State does not have a representative, you can speak with the National Coordinator to become your State’s Representative. The National Coordinator will appraise your ability and give you the necessary information. Click here for the State Representative’s Directory.

Question 14: Do I have to be paying a regular due/savings to the GICS?

You are not required to pay any due or savings to the GICS. However, you are not an active member of the GICS until you pay your compulsory membership fee. For the purpose of loans, you will be required to have a savings account with a stipulated minimum monthly savings.

Question 15: How do you determine the sharing of GICS Business Profits (GICS BP) to members?

The following factors will have direct effect on your share of the GICS BP:

  • The number of Membership Slot you have.
  • Your patronage of the GICS Services and Products.

Question 16: How do I get my share of GICS Business Profits (GICS BP)?

Your share of the GICS BP will be paid directly to the bank account you supplied during your Membership Registration.

Question 17: How often will the GICS Business Profits be shared?

The GICS Business Profits (GICS BP) will be shared once a year starting from the 11th Month (November) of the year 2017.

Question 18: Is this Site a scam or fraudulent?

No. This is a legitimate Cooperative Society registered with the Federal Republic of Nigeria according to the Bye-Laws of SECTION II of Co-operation society’s laws of (Oyo, Ogun, Osun, Ondo and Ekiti state amendment of 1978) with registration number 26748.

Question 19: Who are the Founders of the GICS?

The founders of the GICS are young, God-fearing, passionate, enterprising, focused, determined professionals and patriotic Nigerians who are set to make the economy of Nigeria buoyant by generating investment in viable business portfolios in all the states of Nigeria.

Question 20: How do I contact the GICS?

Please see the Contact page of the GICS website. You can also see contact information at the bottom part of the GICS website’s homepage.